Company Introduction

Since its launch in January 1, 2001, Winxen has been developing a variety of technologies needed in future industries, and by focusing on developing and producing of creative products through them, we have created Wimvoc, which is a new paradigm for company revolution. Not only custom-made products, which include customers’ ideas, but also the products putting independent and creative technologies in practical uses, and while actively developing Red Ocean and Blue Ocean markets, we’re pursuing businesses matching the globalized and diversified society structure.

Based on Wimvoc, now Winxen is moving toward a grander and greater future, while creating maximum synergy effects by evolving and adapting itself to diverse environment.

We want to be reborn as a global engineering company running in a unique culture by developing all different advanced sensors and systems to prepare for the ubiquitous sensor network era, which is now being realized, developing the energy conversion system and robot technology targeting the future market, developing next generation numerical control machine tools trying the smart interface function, developing new IT products applying some of the technologies from the expanding video game market, developing environment friendly products in response to the global warming and environment issues and exploiting exclusive businesses through new technology development and with passion and diligence in expanding our dominating area. These vision and passion will give dream and hope to the employees and realize infinite satisfaction to our customers

With all our efforts so far, Winxen is now planning the next leap. We would like to have our position the first-class global company contributing to the development of humanity, which lives in a balance of technology and nature, by maintaining the initial mind, modestly, while pursuing our passion for the goals.

All the staff and administration.

  • Head Office : 10, Gomjeol-gil 18beon-gil, Seongsan-gu, Changwon-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, Korea | TEL : +82-55-263-3479 | FAX : +82-55-293-3498
  • Factory in Daejeon : 45, Sinilseo-ro, Daedeok-gu, Daejeon, Korea | TEL : +82-42-933-5385 | FAX : +82-42-933-5386
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