In the 21st century when infomation and knowledge are central figure, a new cultural society will arrive, a change and innovation will be realized in military fields as well, and especially acquisition of a cutting-edge scientific weapon system in preparation for the future whole aspects is gradually becoming important. Winxen is fabricating unmanned controller/hydraulic controller/motor controller, etc. as well as aircraft engine controller/wing controller of high reliability required in defense industry fields.

유압제어기 이미지 유연기동기 이미지 엔진제어기 이미지
Hydraulic controller Flexible starter Engine controller
전원공급기 이미지 TVC 제어기 이미지 미익제어기 이미지
Power supplier TVC Controller FIN Controller
승압기 이미지 경사표시계 이미지 수평센센서조립체 이미지
Booster Indicator-controller, Incinometer Inclinometer assembly
EMI/EMC 케이블 이미지 통합제어기 이미지 유압조정기 이미지
EMI/EMC cable Integrated controller Hydraulic controller
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