Winxen can provide various solution of system analysis and system simulation, based on diverse engineering experience and know-how in hdraulic and pneumatic fields, and provide satisfactory engineering in hydraulic and pneumatic fields.

Hydraulic and pneumatic system area
Test apparatus of hydraulic horizontal jacks 유압수평잭 시험장치 이미지
  • Furnished with a multi-axial horizontal control algorithm
  • Adoption of a hydraulic servo system
  • A load copy algorithm
  • Controller: Labview
Control test system in a propulsion direction 추력 방향 조종 시험장치 이미지
  • For inclination angle, propulsion measurement and control
  • Separate hydraulic adjustment and control function
Hydraulic suspension unit test equipment 유압 현수장치 시험장비 이미지
  • Application of a low-noise power pack
  • Adoption of a hydraulic servo system
  • Attachment of a private controller
  • Preparation of an automatic report and acquisition of data
Plate vibration reducing system 판진동 감쇄장치 이미지
  • Furnished with an anti-vibration algorithm
  • High performance damper
  • Furnished with a private controller
  • Application: An automobile steel plate coating line
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